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Pet Stores USA Wholesale and Drop Shipping

Pet Stores USA offers wholesale pet supplies. Sources for wholesale pet products are diminishing as the pet industry continues to undergo consolidation. Pet Stores have fewer choices every year. Too often smaller pet stores are forced to pay higher prices and higher delivery fees, prices and fees which are not passed on to their larger competitors. Pet Stores USA offers an alternate source for wholesale pet supplies. Our wholesale pet supplies are name brand products, not low quality imports. We know that to succeed in the pet industry you need to offer quality.

Pet Stores USA ( the web division of UTM Distributing ) has a large offering of wholesale dog supplies, wholesale cat supplies, and other wholesale pet supplies. Our products are available to ship direct to your store or drop ship direct to your customer. Yes, we said drop ship. Pet Stores USA is the largest drop ship source of wholesale pet supplies in the country.

Pet Stores USA has a vast offering of wholesale pet supplies. Most important is that these pet supplies are available direct to your store or direct to your customer through our wholesale drop ship department. For the past 50 years we have led the way in wholesale pet supply distribution and for the past decade we have shipped thousands of pet supplies each month through our drop ship department.

Pet Stores USA is your expert connection to wholesale pet supplies, with over 50 years in the pet industry, we know what pet products sell and what price they need to sell at. We attend all of the wholesale pet shows and are constantly on the look for the next great product for your customer's dog, cat or other pet. We have an excellent selection of wholesale dog supplies and wholesale cat supplies to help you generate increased sales and profits.

The Pet Stores USA drop ship department has provided wholesale dog, cat, pet supplies to leading web retailers as well as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Overstock and more for the past decade. If you are a retailer in one of these growing internet retail environments give us a call, we have the products you need and at the wholesale price you want.

The past few years has seen new pet products hit the market. Some of the hottest new wholesale pet products are The Pet Loo, dog DNA kits, dog strollers, and cat strollers just to name a few. The Pet Stores USA wholesale drop ship pet supplies staff has helped more retailers to sell more of these products in stores and the Internet than any other wholesale pet distributor. If you want to take advantage of great wholesale prices on Winter pet supplies for dogs and cats ask about our wholesale heated dog beds and wholesale heated cat beds.

If you are looking for wholesale dog products with a higher retail price point, Pet Stores USA drop ships more wholesale Innotek and wholesale Petsafe products than any other wholesale pet supplies distributor. We are the largest because we ship faster and have lower wholesale prices than any other wholesale pet supplies distributor. We have great wholesale prices on pet doors and pet gates. The best part is that you can communicate with us by live chat, the Internet, email and even the phone. Our wholesale pet supplies team is here eight hours a day and five days a week to provide you the support you need. Our success depends on your success.

Pet Stores USA prides itself in offering cutting edge technology. If you are looking at our wholesale program or wholesale drop ship pet supplies program, consider our proprietary pet web site builder, or our pre loaded on line shipping cart. If you need a pet web site, or you need to move up in the search engines our designers, programmers and SEO experts are available to help.

Pet Stores USA Drop Ship

Pet Stores USA is a leader in drop ship services to the Pet Industry. Drop shipping of pet products and pet supplies is all we do, we do not drop ship clothing, we do not drop ship consumer electronics, we do not drop ship other products.

Our distinction is that we only drop ship pet products and pet supplies. We have been in the pet industry for over five decades, we know pets and we know pet products, and we know how to drop ship. Our drop ship department handles thousands of pet products every month. We drop ship pet supplies for pet stores, animal shelters, dog trainers, and more. We provide integrated solutions for Internet retailers with a drop ship program direct to their customer's front door. We also drop ship pet supplies for many leading retailers on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Overstock, etc.

As a wholesale pet supply distributor we understand your needs and focus our drop ship program on those needs. You simply place orders with our drop ship department by email or call our customer service department they will be happy to assist you with your drop ship your order.

Our drop ship program is personalized. Your pet supplies will be drop shipped to your customers door with your business name or Internet address on the shipping label, not ours. Our customer service department is available to assist in placing an order or tracking an order. We will be glad to assist in product selection or education and we are always looking for new pet supplies for you to offer and us to drop ship. Success is a partnership.

Drop ship orders placed by 12:00 PM Eastern will generally be filled and shipped the same business day! We primarily ship using UPS and will provide you with a product spreadsheet contain the data you need to list and publish your offerings including weights for your shipping calculator. You will also be provided with a download of product images.

Pet Stores USA is not an electronic middle man sending your dropship orders to the manufacturer or someone else. We are a pet supply business wholesale warehouse. We stock pet supplies in our own warehouse and drop ship each product at your request, carefully packed, tracked and delivered- just the way a drop ship program should be. Pet Stores USA has been in the pet supplies business for over 50 years. We source the best pet products at the lowest prices, so you can make the most profit. Our drop ship program represents the best pet product manufacturers in the industry and we are adding more all the time. Because we buy in volume you get low prices, and lower drop ship fees, even lower than manufacturer direct.

In return for your partnership with Pet Stores USA we not only give you access to the Top Wholesale Pet Products and drop ship those pet supplies for you, but we also provide you with convenient ways to find the exact product you want and we supply you with the information and images you need to sell that product on your auction or web store.

The Pet Stores USA pet supplies drop ship program prides itself on price, service and integrity. We are available to our partners by chat, or by email. But most importantly, our drop ship pet supplies staff is available to you via phone. We are here to help you grow your business, drop ship more pet products and earn more profits. If you need help with information or images please call 888.300.5139. If you are not one of our drop ship partners give us a call, you will be glad you did.

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